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Harem Peshtemal (Purple)


When you look at the history of Peshtemal, Harem Peshtemal, one of the oldest models, is used especially in baths, spas and saunas. With its striped patterns and wonderful colors, it will make you enjoyable times. The softness does not irritate your skin. I certainly did not use the additive material in my production. That's why it's 100% nature friendly.

Product Specifications
  • They are 100x180 cm in dimensions.
  • The product is manufactured in Turkey.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Compared to a classic towel, it dries quicker, takes up less space, is more lightweight and sucks water faster.
  • The patterns on it are not printed.
  • The handles are called "Bend" on the ends.
  • The colors fastness well
  • Eco-friendly

 We can design the colors and patterns you want.

Suitable For
• Beach • Hamam • Bathroom
• Home Decor • Pilates • Yoga
• Massage Hall • Picnic • Gym-Fitness
• Pool • Meditation • Spa

Other Colors

  • Harem Peshtemal (Purple)
  • Harem Peshtemal (Gray)
  • Harem Peshtemal (Blue)
  • Harem Peshtemal (Pink)
  • Harem Peshtemal (Light Gray)
  • Harem Peshtemal (Cyan)